Seasonal Falls is the new recording project of Switzerland-based songwriter Roman Gabriel (The Kind Hills, The Dentals), whose indie folk/pop songs are refined by Andrew Pelletier's emotive vocals (Fur Trader). The heart-warming tracks capture the band's passion for indie music in general and of the 90s in particular.


Released: March 2024

So simple and so moving, ‘Lie Down’ is like a drug straight to the vein.
Source: happy mag australia

Lie Down

Used to be Fun

Released: February 2024

A fantastic, fun and thoughtful song.
Source: dancing about architecture

Happy Dayz

Released: January 2024

A fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics that speaks to our hearts and souls. Source: wolf in a suit

Reach for Nearby

Released: November 2023

“Reach For Nearby” is a mantra for the present, a reminder to embrace what’s within arm’s reach rather than perpetually seeking what lies beyond the horizon. [It] crafts a narrative that urges listeners to grow beyond biases and judgements.
Source: @boyziibusiness

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